Lectures (almost until midnight) at the University of Campinas in São Paulo, Brazil. On contemporary strategic governance of local development in Poland.

My second lecture at the University of Campinas was an open lecture, which was attended not only by students but also by local entrepreneurs. It concerned contemporary governance of local development in Poland, as well as decentralization, substantive independence of local governments, strategic approach and the impact of these factors on the innovativeness of the economy. It started at 4pm and ended near midnight … From 19.00 there was a public discussion about what I said. It turns out that this is largely the case for lectures here. And good 🙂

PS. University of Campinas is the best university of Latin America and 9 in BRICS countries, and in movie attached you can see “modest” 350 ha of the first of 3 campuses … 🙂

O naszych gminach i powiatach w Brazylii? 🇧🇷️ Dlaczego nie?! 🙂 Już wkrótce wygłoszę wykłady o zarządzaniu rozwojem lokalnym na Unicamp – Universidade Estadual de Campinas najlepszym uniwersytecie Ameryki Łacińskiej i 9. z krajów BRICS. Nie mogę się doczekać… Sambaaa…😎🎉 (https://goo.gl/JMcwDs)PS. Na filmie 350ha pierwszego z 3 campusów…😲🤗 Credits to: LRDrone Campinas[About Polish municipalities and districts in Brazil? 🇧🇷️ Why not?! 🙂 I will soon give lectures on local development governance at Unicamp – Universidade Estadual de Campinas, the best Latin American university and the 9th university in BRICS countries, Can't wait… Sambaaa… 😎🎉In the movie, 350 ha of the first of three campuses… 😲🤗 Credits to: LRDrone Campinas].

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