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Mission, goals and faith in a deep sense

My job is more than just research, lectures & consulting. This is my contribution to the development of my home- land, Poland and the dissemination of local development strategic governance in the world. This is my mission, that’s why I work for my partners with full commitment.

Focus on task and individual approach

What sets me apart from other scientists is my focus on the task at hand and an open, as well as flexible and individual approach to my partners and their needs. Thanks to this, I achieve better results and easily find new colleagues around the world.

Lifetime, complete experience

I deal with local development strategic governance as a consultant, scientist, lecturer and member of local authorities since 1994. Therefore, my knowledge, competence and experience in this field are rich, consistent and complete.

Broad, constantly expanded knowledge

I am a habilitated doctor of management sciences and a doctor of economic sciences, but I am still hungry for knowledge and constantly expanding it at conferences, trainings, in conversations with my colleagues and by reading professional publications and legal acts.

Proprietary methods and patents

I am the author of new, including patented methods of analysis, planning and evaluation used in construction and implementation of local development strategies. Therefore, I have and offer what competitors do not have and what gives success to my colleagues and partners.

Personal and institutional relations

Dealing with local government and local development since 1994, I built personal and institutional relationships that I use in my work and in improving myself. Today’s world is a world based on relationships. Whoever has them has a strategic advantage.

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