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Creation and implementation of development strategies of communes/municipalities, cities, districts/counties and voivodships in Poland and other Central European Countries is my main activity, apart from scientific work. I have been dealing with this since 1994 and as an author or co-author I developed nearly 80 of them. They are adopted by resolutions of councils and do not “fall into the drawers” – they were or are implemented in practice. Some local governments, my regular clients, entrust me with developing new versions of their strategy every few years (e.g. Polish communes of: Polkowice, Bogatynia, Grębocice, Nowogrodziec, Lądek-Zdrój, Węgliniec, Przemków, Marciszów; poviats: Polkowice, Jeleniogórski, and Zgorzelec). In working on strategies, I use knowledge and experience from my scientific, didactic, training, coaching and public activities.

Some local governments entrust me with support for implementation or comprehensive organization of a commune/city/district strategy implementation system. Therefore, I am building and training Strategy Implementation Teams or Strategic Governance Departments, I develop implementation ordinances and resolutions, monitor / evaluate strategies during and after their implementation, etc.

I carry out strategic audits for authorities improving their governance, i.e. comprehensive assessments of the quality of strategic governance conducted in local government. I also review strategy drafts prepared by other entities. I also prepare some strategy implementation programs, e.g. programs for solving social problems, entrepreneurship development programs, local development programs, etc.

During the work I cooperate closely with the authorities, residents, entrepreneurs and other partners. I provide authorities with knowledge of strategic governance and prepare them for practical use of strategy. It is always my priority to build such a strategy that will bring maximum benefits to the local community, economy, environment and local government authorities. I use effective planning tools. I can build a social consensus around the strategy and its implementation. I am able to combine modern trends with local traditions and conditions, listen to and understand the arguments of authorities, inspire and find ways to solve problems. Thanks to this, I received several dozen reference letters for the strategies I have completed and implemented.

The 12 main benefits of local government from a well-prepared and implemented strategy:

Fast, sustainable,
and permanent
Higher life quality
and satisfaction
of residents
Trust and public
support for
the authorities
Easier decision
by authorities
Easier and better
work and satisfac-
tion of officials
Obtained subsidies,
projects, grants
and other resources
The inflow of
residents, tourists
and investors
Less problems,
mistakes, threats
and uncertainty
Acquired knowledge,
ideas, innovations
and experience
All local
Clean, rich and
vital natural

The basic advantages of my strategies of local development :

Reality: implemen-
table in practice
Accessibility: they
are written clearly
Coherence: their par-
ts are a logic whole
Grantiness: make it
easier to apply for $
Sustainability: they
give sustainable dev.
Legality: they comply
with the regulations
Creativity: they con-
tain new ideas
Modernity: they have
many innovations
Prosocial: people
are in first place

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– Seneca.

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