Career guidance for authorities, i.e. career strategies in & after power

My career guidance & Your career strategy

My work on local and regional development strategies in Poland is a work with vogts, mayors and their deputies, as well as with starostes and other public authorities. Since 1994, during discussions, planning, consultations, workshops, training sessions, field studies, visits, etc., I have already worked with them several thousand hours. Moreover I have cooperated and cooperate with thousands of Polish and foreign public managers as part of my scientific, didactic, training and public activities.

Thanks to this I got to know their professional problems, dilemmas, ambitions and careers, and with some I established cordial, friendly relations. I also learned how their strategic successes and failures in local development governance result from their personal characteristics and attitudes, knowledge, competence and experience. I also learned how these successes and failures strongly influence their election results, further careers, a sense of own value and fulfillment as well as their entire personal development. As the only self-government consultant in Poland, I learned how to efficiently combine local development strategic governance with a dynamizing professional career in the public sphere.

This practical knowledge, combined with scientific knowledge on the characteristics of the best managers, allowed me to successfully support the professional development of my friends acting as local authorities. Today, providing such support to interested persons is my additional activity. It is of particular importance today’s Poland, in the situation of a two-term limit on the function of vogt or mayor and the need to carefully prepare one’s professional future in public administration or in business.

I provide my support, i.e. career guidance, in 4 subsequent stages:

0. introductory conversation to familiarize each other, express expectations and make cooperation decision by both parties.

1. strategic analysis of the current professional situation: analysis of professional competences, professional conditions and competition, analysis of personal characteristics relevant to the professional career, forecast of career conditions, etc .;

2. developing a professional career strategy:

– identification of personal aspirations and determination of own mission and image after 5-10 years (administration or business, achievable position, etc.);

– setting short and long term goals of career and its priorities;

– developing a list of professional strategic tasks to be implemented in several years and establishing target values of professional success indicators;

3. individual trainings as well as evaluation of the career strategy’ implementation:

– developing managerial qualities and skills, e.g.: leadership, selectivity, anticipativeness, integrativeness, negotiativeness, responsiveness, flexibility, moderativeness, innovativeness.

– developing personal qualities and skills, e.g. mental resilience, assertiveness, empathy, self-awareness, self-esteem, self-control, emotional intelligence.

– periodic assessment of progress and correction of the adopted career strategy.

rules & methods

Full Confidentiality

My career guidance is confidential and this confidentiality is full and is not time-limited.

Modern Tools

In career guidance I use modern analytical, planning and training tools, e.g. Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 ® (the so-called Gallup test).

Full Dialogue

My career guidance is based on intensive, honest dialogue, which is the basic condition for success in building and implementing a career strategy.

Comprehensive Approach

We build a career strategy in a comprehensive way, i.e. taking into account all aspects of professional and personal development.

Full Individualisation

My career guidance assumes building individual career strategies tailored to the unique characteristics and ambitions of individuals.

Clear, achievable, measurable goals and tasks

We set career goals and tasks in a clear, achievable and measurable way, so there is no doubt what and when will be achieved.

what makes my advice accurate and effective?

Expert experience

Since 1994, as an expert on strategy, I cooperated with thousands of members of local and regional governments. 

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Scientist's qualifications

I have degree of habilitated doctor of management science as well as PhD in Economics.

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Lecturer's career

As an extraordinary and visiting professor I lectured on local development issues at 23 universities in 16 countries on 4 continents.

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Local authority' practice

I ran in local elections twice and won the best result twice, becoming a county councilor & vice chairman. 

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Manager's knowledge

I have been a member of supervisory and management boards of public and private companies since 2012.

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Auditor skills

I assess research projects for the Rese- arch Executive Agency of the European Commission and others agencies.

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Author's recognition

I am the author of several dozen scientific publications on local & regional develop- ment governance, cited many times.

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Innovator's competences

I co-implemented several innovative, research & development projects on local & regional development governance.

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Trainer success

Thousands of local & regional authorities and high officials have already participated in my training on strategic governance.

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Manager's career paths according to scientific research:
(years of work and % of expected professional position)

  • With a career strategy and integrated training support for its implementation
  • Without a career strategy and with random trainings

How does career guidance stimulates career?

it saves time

Time is life. Each of us has one. You can try everything yourself, search, check options. However, it costs a lot of time. Career gui- dance saves it and thanks to that you can find yourself faster where you want to be.

it develops possibilities

Career guidance develops new crucial skills. New skills open up new opportunities to use them. Without these skills, many very important, professional opportunities simply pass us by.

it reduces mistakes

Career guidance protects you against professional mistakes that can not only delay or even restrain your further development, but also deprive you of what you have already achieved.

it opens your eyes

Career guidance is making you aware of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your development, you didn’t know about. Career requires self-awareness and awareness of the environment.

change your professional perspective!