Traveling in search of local development and inspirations for local & regional governments

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Local development has many faces and can be stimulated in many ways. Exploring what it looks like in other countries is an extremely fascinating occupation. That is why I travel around the world to meet local and regional authorities, entrepreneurs, scientists and other people from different countries who want to show me how they stimulate this development in practice and what results they get. Such “travels in search of local development and inspirations for local & regional governments” allow me to broaden my knowledge on local development. Thanks to this, the strategies I prepare for Polish local governments are more creative and innovative, as well as the trainings and lectures more interesting.

One of the biggest benefits I gained thanks to “travels in search of local development and inspirations for local & regional governments” is my book entitled “Supra-local perspective of local development strategic governance on the example of small towns. These trips made me realize how much regional, national, continental and global factors, such as technologies, cultures, corporations, energy sources, state authorities and many others have an impact on local development. Without these travels, this book would never have been written.

In addition, these trips are an opportunity for me to meet unique, extremely interesting people, achieving in their fields exceptional successes and strongly involved in public affairs. Contact with them, their energy, knowledge, ideas and experiences is a great value for me and motivates me to work better. It is also important to establish lasting relationships with them, which I can use in my scientific activities.

Examples of my travels and meetings:

City Hall of São Paulo, Brazil

It serves 20 million inhabitants with the help of numerous organizational units and companies. City authorities use modern strategic governance methods and innovative smart city techniques. Meeting with Director Rubens Rizek Jr. and office staff.

Siyakhana Food Garden, South Africa

This urban fruit and vegetable garden in Johannesburg is successful urban agriculture. It gives work and healthy food, supports entrepreneurship and revitalization of the city, reduces social problems. Meeting with: Prof. Michael Rudolph, founder and director.

Coffee&Cocoa Science Park, Indonesia

This science and technology park conducts research into innovative coffee crops and promotes sustainable agriculture and food production as factors for local development. Meeting with prof. Rachmat Hidayat, a researcher of these issues.

Algeti village, Georgia

The village (and commune) basing its local development on the production of traditional Georgian, healthy food and its mass, roadside sales on the international road E60. Meeting with village residents, bread and wine producers.

Kawada Nextage Nagoya, Japan

This company produces exceptional robots because they are designed to work with people in their small, traditional companies – cafes, shops, workshops, etc. Robotization does not have to be an enemy of local development – it can also support it. Meeting with company engineers.

Mochi Bazaar Jodhpur, India

A typical, traditional Indian bazaar full of local products, local culture and local buyers – creating local development. Never “conquered”, despite many attempts, by globalized large-scale trade. Meeting with merchants.

City Hall of Varaždin, Croatia

It is a city of successful, architectural and economic revitalization of its historic center. An example of local development based on the multifunctional use of historic buildings. Meeting with the mayor and councilors.

Hualapai Indian Reserve, USA

The area of repeated attempts to stimulate local development, but – apart from mass tourism – without satisfactory results. Desert climate, lack of resources, social problems and the law bother. Meeting with local entrepreneurs.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

– Marcel Proust

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