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Scientific and teaching work is my main activity, apart from building and implementing development strategies for communes/municipalities/cities, districts and voivodships. Since 1994 I am a faculty member of The Wrocław University of Economics and Business (WUEB), which is ranked among the top economic schools of higher education in Poland, an important center of research. I have habilitated doctor degree in management and I have position of extraordinary professor. In addition, I serve as: plenipotentiary of Rector, member of university committees, councils and committees, conference organizer and chairman, thematic editor of journals, reviewer and supervisor.

My scientific activity is devoted to strategic governance in local and regional governments and to local development, and therefore is consistent with what I do in practice. I carried out most of my scientific research while providing consulting services for communal, municipal, city, district and regional governments as well as their units, companies and associations. I also ran them as part of scientific projects implemented by the WUEB and Polish national R&D  institutions (e.g. National Center for Research and Development, Scientific Research Committee, Ministry of the Interior and Administration, Ministry of Regional Development, Association of Polish Cities), as well as University of Bologna, International Business and Administration Center of UWM and other institutions. I presented their results at many conferences and included them in about 100 articles and books. They are cited and used in local government practice. For example, the methods of strategic analysis of territorial units that I have developed, as well as the systems for implementing and evaluating development strategies of these units are used in strategies and development programs of communes and counties, as well as in regional plans, e.g. in the “Development Strategy of the Lower Silesia Voivodeship 2020” , “Podlasie Strategy for the Development of Nanotechnology 2020. A groundbreaking vision of the region”, “Integrated Strategy for the Development of the Functional Area of ​​the Odra Municipalities”. Some results of my research, e.g. “The algorithmic method of generating reference models for implementation of processual management in public sector units” was applied for copy rights protection to the US Patent Office (No. 616722990).

I also act as an monitor expert of Research Executive Agency of European Commission supervising R&D projects implemented within Horizon 2020 program. I also evaluated R&D projects implemented under Polish Human Capital Operational Program 2007-2013 and the EU EQUAL Community Initiative.

I review/reviewed scientific articles of journals: Lex Localis – Journal of Local Self-Government, Urban Studies and Public AdministrationBulletin of Geography, Oeconomia Copernicana, Equilibrium, Advances in Economics and Business, Folia Turistica, as well as books published by the Warsaw School of Economics. I was a scientific editor of several editions of WUEB Scientific Works from the series “Local and regional economy in theory and practice.” I am also a member of the international publishing board of the Economic Alternatives journal published by the University of National and World Economy in Bulgaria.

As part of teaching, I lecture/lectured on: local development strategies, local economy, regional economy, city management, city economics, local government interventionism, local government economic policy, administration and the public sector. I also conduct field exercises, during which I familiarize my students with practical municipal activities. More than 200 bachelor’s and master’s theses devoted to local governments were written under my supervision. In annual plebiscites, students of the Faculty of Economics, Management and Tourism of the WUEB recognized me as the “best specialist” (twice: 2012, 2013) and also as “the most demanding teacher” (2017).

I received the WUEB Rector’s Individual Award 14 times (1997-2018) for my scientific and didactic activities.

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One makes no discovery who does not examine impossibility.

– Albert Einstein

I am interested in scientific cooperation in the following fields:

  • local and regional development in Poland and in the world,
  • strategic governance of local and regional development,
  • construction, implementation and evaluation of local and regional development strategies,
  • state and European Union policy towards local and regional governments,
  • supporting economic development by local governments and business relations with local governments,
  • smart territorial specializations, Smart City technologies, process management and other innovations in urban development management.

My core research domains:

  • local/regional development
  • business fostering
  • cities revitalization
  • other self-governmental

The most important for me is the domain of local and regional development (LRD). As part of it, I specialize in research of: features and processes of LRD, LRD relationships with supralocal development processes and policies, and strategic governance of RLD. Call to learn more about my specialties in other domains.

Frequently asked questions about my scientific and teaching activity:

I consider my greatest scientific achievements to be:

1. book entitled: Ponadlokalna perspektywa zarządzania strategicznego rozwojem lokalnym na przykładzie małych miast (in English: Supra-local perspective of local development strategic governance based on the case of small towns), 2017, Monographs and Studies No. 266, Wrocław University of Economics Press, Wrocław, pp. 330, ISBN 978-83-7695-626-8.

2. appointment of me as an monitor expert of Research Executive Agency of European Commission to supervise R&D projects implemented within Horizon 2020 program.

3. practical use by local and regional governments of the results of my scientific research.

Yes, but the subject of the doctoral dissertation must fall within the scientific discipline of management.

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