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I provide training on strategic governance in local governments, and also appear as a speaker, expert and moderator at self-government’ conferences. I also conduct individual training for local authorities and provide them with individual strategic case-by-case consultations. As a multi-annual self-government’ consultant, a member of local authorities, a member of municipal companies’ bodies, an expert in international self-government institutions and a scientist in the field of self-government, I have accumulated extensive knowledge, skills and experience. Therefore, I provide practical information, both tested standards and innovations in the world of management sciences. Their high quality and usability are confirmed by numerous reference letters.

Training on strategic governance in local governments I provide for commune heads, mayors, directors/heads of city hall’ departments and other local government employees who create and implement strategies and other development plans. They are usually organized by self-government associations, such as the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Counties, for which I train regularly. Increasingly, such training are also ordered by individual local governments. E.g., in 2019, a two-day training entitled “Practice of the commune development strategic governance” I conducted separately for the authorities and key employees of Polish cites: Świdnica, Tarnobrzeg, Nisko, Stalowa Wola, Sandomierz and Syców. I also precede the preparation of each local development strategy with such training for the authorities.

My public appearances usually take place at strictly self-government’ conferences. Starting from 1994, I gave about 150 conference speeches and expert statements. Recently, I also present self-government issues at conferences on business and finance, e.g. at the National Congress of Accountancy Offices. The increased interest of these sectors in self-governments results from the increased awareness of entrepreneurs and financiers regarding the dependence of economic development on the activities of self-governments and the importance of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Individual training for authorities are one-person training, during which, in parallel with the transfer of knowledge, we discuss specific problems occurring in the daily work of the trainee, we look for solutions, we discuss examples from other self-governments, etc. They are used by the heads of communes, mayors, their deputies and chairmen of councils, strongly motivated to improve their skills.

Individual strategic consultations “case by case” are meetings with the authorities devoted to joint analysis and development of a solution to a strategic problem of their commune/city, district. The subject of these consultations were e.g. alarming debt level, conflict with the main employer, difficulties to meet the expectations of a large investor, difficulties in obtaining a special economic zone, social conflict caused by the liquidation of a given public school, etc.

12 benefits of local government officials from group and individual training and consultations on strategic governance:

More accurate
current and long-
-term decisions
Faster socio-econo-
mic development of
the commune / city
Satisfaction, trust
and endorsement of
the local community
Use of local and
supra-local develop-
ment opportunities
Avoiding local
and supra-local
Improving financial
and legal gover-
nance conditions
Respect of
colleagues and
Easier, faster,
safer and more
efficient work
Opening new
A sense of fulfillment
and use of
own capabilities
Obtaining the status
of a leader, visionary,
development creator
Attracting motivated
creative partners

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

– Mahatma Gandhi.

Selected issues discussed during a training on on strategic governance in local governments

  • Reasons for preparation, universality and quality of local development strategies in Poland and another countries.
  • The essence of strategic governance – what is and is not strategic governance of the development of a commune, city, district?
  • Knowledge of “how to do” vs. “what to do” – is it enough to carry out mandatory tasks and meet social demands?
  • 12 key features of local development strategic governance, and the achievable pace of its development.
  • The contemporary significance of the supra-local relations of the commune for its development – how to see and shape them?
  • How, when and with whom to draw up a good local development strategy?
  • Legal bases for local development strategic governance in Poland and draft laws in this respect.

Selected issues discussed during training on the implementation of the local development strategy:

  • The importance of implementing organization, or what to do so that the strategy has not been mothballed.
  • The role of the council and the mayor (or district board) in implementation of local development strategy.
  • Strategy Implementation Team, Department of Strategic Governance in City Hall and other organizational approaches.
  • What can be done to ensure that all plans and development programs of the commune are coherent with the strategy and with each other and how important is that?
  • The importance of projects and strategic partners in implementation of local development strategies.
  • How to monitor, evaluate and update the strategy quickly and cheaply, i.e. strategic evaluation in practice.
  • When to consistently stick to the strategy and when to abandon it in adopting a new one.

Frequently asked questions about trainings, speeches and strategic consultations:

Training on one individual aspect of strategic governance (planning, implementation, evaluation) lasts from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the chosen topic. Abbreviated, introductory training on strategic governance of the development of a commune / city / district lasts 2 hours, while full from 12 to 14 hours. A full academic course on this governance, including exercises, strategy games, workshops, case studies, etc., lasts 60 hours.

I send to interested persons programs of my trainings after telephone contact. On request, I adapt training programs to the needs of the client, which result, for example, from the socio-economic potential of the local government, its problems, training expectations of the authorities, etc.

Individual trainings takes place at the headquarters of the Client or in my office in Wrocław, or in another agreed place – according to the Client’s request. The standard training program is always adapted to the individual needs of the trained person before it starts. Therefore, an in-depth conversation is required. Training time varies from 1 to 5 days. The basic principles of individual training are partnership, confidentiality and open discussion.

The purpose of such consultations is to properly analyze and develop a solution to a given strategic problem of the local government, which usually takes the form of a document. Consultations take place at the Client’s headquarters.

Yes, nevertheless, it requires preparations to be undertaken early enough, including identification of audience characteristics, consultation with speakers, determination of the discussions course and requirements for their effects, etc.

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