Proprietary methods and patents

In carrying out work for local authorities, I use many proven methods of analysis, planning and evaluation, e.g. the KSF method (key success factors), the PEST method (assessment of political, economic, social, technological factors), the scenario method, Balanced Scorecard, benchmarking and others.

However, many years of experience and continuous improvement of qualifications have allowed me to develop new, proprietary, in many cases better methods, which I successfully use when building and supporting the implementation of development strategies for communes, cities, municipalities, districts and regions. What’s more, after applying I give them to my clients for indefinite use.

Therefore, I have at my disposal and offer what competitors do not have, which makes it easier for my clients and partners to succeed. Here are some of these methods:

Analysis of supra-local relations of commune / city / municipality

This is my flagship method that I use when building development strategies of communes, cities, municipalities, districts and regions. Thanks to it, I recognize the reasons for their current situation, forecast their future, set strategic goals and tasks. Is the result of 23 years of my experience. I described it in the book “Supra-local perspective of local development strategic governance based on the case of small towns“.

SWOT PLUS territorial strategic analysis

When building local & regional development strategies, SWOT strategic analysis is usually used. This is a mistake. It was developed half a century ago for companies, so it does not take into account the specificity of territorial units. Local & regional development strategies created on its basis have significant disadvantages. That is why I have created and been using its self-government version “SWOT Plus” since 2001. Many consulting companies are already using it.

Implementing system for the local development strategy

I am proud that my strategies are adopted and implemented by local governments. I often help them in this by organizing a simple, efficient strategy implementation system at the Commune / City Hall. I co-create convenient implementation procedures with officials, I prepare draft resolutions, I participate in building budgets, I teach monitoring. I have been doing this since 2003 and I have my own methods and extensive experience in this area.

PEF system for implementation monitoring of strategies

The implementation of each plan must be monitored. To do it effectively, and at the same time quickly and cheaply, you need to do it in the right way. My method called PEF is based on performance, effect and feedback indicators. It is based on properly combined, free information from the Local Data Bank of Polish Central Statistics Office and on residents’ surveys. I use it successfully and I have been improving it since 2005.

Intelligent Strategic Workshops iCollaborative Planning

One of the conditions for a good local development strategy is to recognize the expectations of the local community. I use for this proprietary Intelligent Strategic Workshops iCollaborative Planning. I run them for a few days with a several dozen leaders of the commune / city / municipality / district / region. Their course and techniques allow not only to recognize the above mentioned expectations, but also to achieve the social compromises necessary to adopt and implement the strategy.

Innovative programs and methods of training

A well-made, traditional lecture is not bad. However, it is better to transfer knowledge by discussing, analyzing your own and extraneous successes and failures, organizing simulations, using virtual reality, using analytical and advisory programs, analyzing law, playing decision games and playing managerial roles. I combine these methods into innovative packages with my own group and individual training programs. My public customers and partners value them very much.

Process management methods

Some of the methods I use are covered by patent protection. For example, the result of scientific research cochaired by me is “The algorithmic method of generating reference models for implementation of processual management in public sector units” registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (No. 616722990). I use it to support the organization of implementing development strategies of communes / municipalities / cities.

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