Personal and institutional relations

Today’s world is a world based on countless connections between people, institutions, companies, authorities and many other entities shaping its image. Whoever has many, strong and varied relationships, equivalent and based on trust, is good at work and private life. Its advantage over others lies in – provided by these relationships – wide and easy access to knowledge, information, services and other resources. For this reason, I build and care for my relationships, in particular relations with experts, local governments, scientists, voters, students and various institutions. These relationships are one of my basic strengths.

Relations with other experts

I know and I work with many experts providing various consulting services to local and regional governments: lawyers, marketers, spatial planners, economists, econometrics, sociologists, ecologists, smart city specialists, etc. When necessary, I can quickly and easily use their professional help.

Relations with authorities

Working for local & regional governments since 1994, I met many  mayors, presidents of cities, their deputies, starostes and deputy starosts, councilors, municipal directors, managers and CEOs, etc. I gained their trust and kindness through good work. Today I can ask them, for example, for advice, opinion or how they deal with a given self-government problem.

Relations with researchers

Having worked at the university since 1994, I have established a number of close contacts with Polish and foreign researchers studying self-governance, local & regional development, its strategic governance, public policies and related issues. Thanks to this I can use their support and build specialized teams to solve specific research problems.

Relations with institutions

Carrying out scientific and consulting tasks, I established many relationships with universities, non-governmental organizations, consulting companies, agencies, offices etc. Their management trusts me. As a result, I can, for example, refer them to local governments seeking some support, or provide a service involving one of these institutions.

Relations with voters

I took part in local elections twice and won them twice. To this day I am in touch with many of my voters from several dozen localities. This contact gives me a good insight into the dominant public opinion about various activities, decisions, successes and failures of local authorities. Such knowledge is very important in my work.

Relations with students

When lecturing, I have constant contact with students, i.e. young people with their own attitude to new social phenomena, technology, innovations, culture, etc. However, they are the future and what characterizes them only today will soon characterize the whole society. So I talk to them and learn from them. This is essential in development planning.

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