Mission, goals and faith in a deep sense

My life mission is to promote and support local development strategic governance in Poland and in the world. Local development is the sustainable development of municipalities / cities / communes, based on decentralization of power, self-governance and local resources. Strategic approach is the best, effective and effective way to achieve it. Combined with supra-local development, created by the state and large companies, local development ensures high quality of life, people’s happiness and sustainable use of the environment.

I treat what I do professionally as something more than just a profession, a source of income and a way of personal development. I believe that what I do as a consultant, scientist and trainer has a deep sense, because it contributes to better governance of the development of our cities and villages, and, consequently, to the development of the whole of my country, Poland, and a better life for all its inhabitants. The sense of my activity is complemented by the fact that by promoting local development abroad, I contribute a bit to the better life of societies of other countries. This is what I give to other people. This is the determinant of all my activities, affecting how I approach each task. This is my main asset!

To accomplish my mission I set 3 goals for me:

To conduct scientific research regarding local development strategic governance, the results of which are used in practice by local and regional authorities in Poland and in other countries.
To promote local development strategic governance and raise the competences of current and future local and regional authorities in this regard in Poland and in other countries.
Provide Polish local and regional authorities with the highest quality consulting services in the field of local development strategic governance, i.e. in the scope of building and implementing development strategies of communes / cities / municipalities and districts.
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