Broad, constantly expanded knowledge

My another advantage is my extensive knowledge confirmed by numerous reference letters and certificates as well as doctoral degree in economics and habilitation in management. However, I am still hungry for knowledge and I am constantly expanding it. I acquire it in practice, I obtain it at conferences, I receive it from my partners, I buy it at training sessions, I draw from literature and extract it from legal acts and while observing legislative processes.

Knowledge gained in practice

The knowledge gained in practice is the most valuable because it is absolutely true. I get it during my consulting and managerial activity. Its sources are not only my diagnoses, analyzes and experiences, but also my partners and clients.

Knowledge acquired at conferences

I regularly participate in conferences, congresses as well as scientific and practical seminars that are devoted to issues of self-governance, local and regional development governance, strategic governance as well as related topics.

Knowledge proffered by partners

In conducting my business, I often cooperate with other self-government consultants and experts, with some of them being my proven partners and even friends. They share knowledge and experience with me, which I find extremely valuable.

Knowledge acquired during training

I not only train, but also participate in training as a listener. I appreciate learning from the best experts in their fields, receiving immediate answers to my questions and observing the various reactions of other training participants.

Knowledge taken from literature

I read publications devoted to local development and public governance as well as politics, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, religious studies et al. In addition, I derive knowledge from books and articles that I received for review before publishing.

Knowledge extracted from legal acts

I follow legislation, learn about the content of legal acts, as well as plans and programs adopted by state and European Union authorities. I extract from them not only what is written directly, but also what is hidden between the lines.

What is the significance of knowledge for strategic governance of commune / city development?

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