Focus on task and individual approach

One of my strengths is a focused, individual, open and flexible approach to local governments, local government’ officials and their needs. This distinguishes me from a large part of consultants and consulting companies, especially from always using the same solutions, repeatedly copied or serving many clients without focusing on any of them. Thanks to my approach, I achieve better results and easily win over new clients, and the existing ones have been cooperating with me even for 20 years. This approach consists of the following 7 elements:

I'm focused on your task - I am not distracted

At the same time, I carry out few orders – often one. I am not distracted by numerous orders, they are not mistaken. I am focused on the task that I perform for a given university or research entity or local government and I fully engage in it. Quality instead of quantity. This is one of the reasons why I received so many references.

I approach each partner & client individually

I do not use clichéd solutions nor duplicate the same content in studies for subsequent clients. I approach each project individually, taking into account the expectations of the authorities, the specifics of local government or research entity, current and future development opportunities, as well as its other unique properties.

I am happy to help those seeking help

I am open to talks with representatives of universities, research units and public authorities seeking scientific or consulting support. Together with them I create the best offers for them. If I can’t help myself, maybe I will contact you with my partner whom I can vouch for. I work together and I know such.

I understand scientific & public work and support my partners

I have been working with scientists, universities, research entities and public officials since 1994. I know their important conditions – regulations, finances, control, social pressure, electoral logic, group rivalry, etc. Therefore, cooperating with them I remember all this and know how to meet their needs.

I am flexible and respond to new needs of my partners

I understand the variability of the conditions of research, teaching and public work. That is why I am fully open to new needs of partners and clients that always can appear during work. I react to them with great flexibility. I want all the results of my work to be complete as well as fully useful.

I am available - also after finishing work

Cooperating with scientists, universities, research units and local governments I am in constant contact with them and their representatives. I provide explanations on an ongoing basis, dispel doubts. I keep this contact also after finishing the work, helping to use my studies and other products.

I always give more than is expected of me

I always give my partners and clients more than they expect from me. During the work I familiarize myself with their needs in detail. Then I often come across those that they did not realize or which they did not express before. In such cases, I help them to satisfy these needs. That’s how I express my mission in promoting and supporting local development and the joy of being a part of their successes.

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