Training for the authorities and management of The Fourcity.

Do you know Fourcity? It is a project of strategic cooperation between four, Polish neighboring cities: Nisko, Tarnobrzeg, Sandomierz and Stalowa Wola. They want to acquire and adapt to their needs large state investments, such as the S74 and S9 expressways, the second bridge on the Vistula River in Sandomierz and the railway line to the Central Communication Port. They also want to implement their own joint projects in the field of tourism, recreation, culture, environmentally friendly public transport and smart city solutions.

In view of the above, the authorities of these cities are beginning to update their development strategies. They also want to develop a Fourcity Development Strategy. They are preparing for this meticulously, so they asked me for training on development’ strategic governance of single cities and their groups. I carried it out for them on 9 and 10 July this year and it was a very inspiring and developing challenge for me. There was no end to questions, discussions and ideas. I love working with people who want more!

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