“Time for a new strategy for Racibórz City. The authorities started with a good lesson”

With these and similar titles, the regional media described a 2-day training on strategic governance that I conducted at the Piast Castle in Racibórz for the authorities and the top management of Racibórz City, the Racibórz County and several other local governments. It was a unique group. They did not care only about formal possession of the strategy as one of many documents. After all, they could outsource it to someone, and then put it in a drawer and pull it out only when it is needed as an attachment for some application for EU funds … These people wanted to truly govern the strategic development of their municipalities. That’s why they talked to me for 2 whole days, they asked, they discussed among themselves – they wanted to learn as much as possible. I’m very happy about this!

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Wiadomości Raciborskie z dnia 25.02.2020