I have evaluated the GOSPOSTRATEG strategic research program and I am proud of it!

At the request of The National Center for Research and Development, over the last few months I have participated in the evaluation of the national, strategic program of scientific research and development works called “GOSPOSTRATEG – Social and economic development of Poland in the conditions of globalizing markets”. This is important for Poland, the first and the only one in its a kind of research program, and its planned budget is as much as PLN 500 million. As part of it, new solutions, technologies, plans, etc. are created in very different fields, ranging from public management and economics, through engineering, medicine, agriculture, law, sociology, environmental protection to culture and others. However, they are united by the fact that they implement Polish’ state and regional development policies, especially those counteracting the development traps of our country: demographic, middle income and average product, imbalance and institutional weakness ones. I am proud to have been able to propose improvements to such an important program. I encourage scientific institutions and Polish public units, especially self-governments of regions as well as medium and large cities, to participate in its subsequent editions. More at: https://www.gov.pl/web/ncbr-en/strategic-programmes