Without a good diagnosis, don’t even try. Municipal Strategic Q&A #3

In the no. 2/22 Polish “COMMUNITY – Journal of Self-government”, my #3 article from the series “Municipal Strategic Q&A” was published, in which I explain how to develop in Poland a development strategy for a commune / city – good and in line with the new regulations. This episode deals with the diagnosis that is the basis of the strategy. The greater the disadvantages of the diagnosis, the worse the strategy created and implemented on its basis. In an extreme case, it will bring results contrary to the expected ones. Similarly to medicine, it is difficult to find appropriate therapy and achieve patient’s full and lasting health, if the patient has not been properly diagnosed and verified in what environment and how (s)he lives. A good strategy therefore requires a good diagnosis. With the permission of the Editorial, I present this episode on my LinkedIn profile (automatic English translation works well). Questions? Contact me 🙂