As a jury member, I choose Polish Top Municipal Investments 22′

I choose the best local government investments in the jury, but there will also be a Portal Samorządowy readers’ award, so you choose as well. As always, I am guided by whether the investment is part of a well-thought-out strategy for the development of the commune/city👍, or rather a lonely success👎. Moreover, huge and rapid changes of world that we experience, increase the importance of such features of self-government’ investments as: ability to function in crisis conditions, impact on various types of security, multi-functionality, repairability, substitutability, scalability, interoperability, resistance to harmful interference, level of automation and remote control, prospectivity, energy efficiency and, of course, innovativeness. It is not enough anymore to build for “here and now and as cheap as possible”🚫. It doesn’t pay off!

I congratulate the local authorities on the investments that have reached this stage of the competition, and the Organizer on the 11th edition of this Competition👏. I invite you all to the largest economic event in Central Europe, ie the 14th European Economic Congress Katowice, Poland, where we will know the winners.