I use the experience from the strategies of Polish municipalities in the European Research Executive Agency in Brussels, Belgium

Thanks to the experience gained in working on municipal strategies, for 3 years I’ve been assessing for the European Research Executive Agency (it manages the Horizon 2020 / Europe Program) the results of projects looking for solutions to the strategic challenges of self-governments in the EU. Much has been achieved in these projects, however Russia’s invasion of Ukraine presents new challenges. We need to give self-governments new tools, knowledge and resources for their new roles, e.g. in strengthening energy, food and digital security, increasing defense capabilities, multi-dimensional integration of refugees, strengthening civil society, countering disinformation, and developing crisis management and capacity to functioning in a long and deep crisis. I believe that research projects for this purpose will come soon, both in Poland and in other EU countries. And in the photo, my perspective on our panels at the agency’s headquarters in Brussels.