I held debates on the development strategies of communes at the 20th Self-Government Forum of Capital and Finance

At the jubilee XX Self-Government Forum of Capital and Finance, I had the honor to moderate the plenary debate on “The upcoming reform of the spatial management system and its consequences (including financial) for self- governments”, as well as took a part in the discussion panel on “Financial management as part of the local development strategy”.

The strategies are already regulated in Poland, but the spatial management reform will make them obligatory, the most important development plans for communes, which will result not only in their spatial plans, but also in infrastructure, social, economic and aid financing. This is a strategic revolution, so all self-government officials are interested in them. The Self-Government Portal wrote about my speech.

This year, 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ participants took part in the Forum. It is the largest, most important, professional conference of self-government authorities and the business environment of self-governments in Poland. The issues of using self-government resources and assets for the implementation of long-term strategies, medium-term programs and everyday business are discussed here. The forum is also a place to discuss self-government challenges, trends and innovations. Here, self-governments and their officials are appreciated by awarding them prestigious prizes for success in governing the development of communes / cities, counties and regions. The next edition is in a year’s time 🙂 I recommend!