Siyakhana Food Garden, Johannesburg, SA – traveling in search of local development and inspirations for local governments.

A visit to the legendary Professor Michael Rudolph, founder and director of Siyakhana Food Garden, promoter of the African urban agriculture as a factor in local development. The idea is to create thousands of vegetable and fruit gardens in unused, urban areas, and even in parks and on the roofs and walls of buildings. This is similar to Polish allotment gardens, but it is to have a commercial character, develop entrepreneurship and solve social problems, such as poor nutrition, unemployment and crime. This project is part of Siyakhana Initiative and is covered by research of Wits – University of the Witwatersrand (among others) with participation of dozens of students. Would something like that make sense in your country? More: #UJPEETS #CoCreateMyCity #UrbanAgriculture.