Training for the authorities and top management of municipalities on the strategies. New regulations, new opportunities and challenges.

The introduction of the commune development strategy and the supra-local development strategy of communes to the Act on the Commune Self-Government and to the Act on the Principles of Development Policy is a strategic, long-awaited and much desired self-government revolution in Poland. This is a completely new quality in local development governance. Therefore, the interest of local government officials in how to do it well and quickly is enormous. This is because not only EU funds will depend on this, but most of all the entire organization of municipal activities and the effects achieved in all its dimensions – economic, social, spatial and environmental.

Behind me are 3 days of lectures and practical exercises on this subject for 80 mayors, chairmans, councilors, heads of municipal offices, as well as directors and CEOs of public companies and other public institutions from Polish cities of: Bolesławiec, Chocianów, Chrzanów, Ciechanów, Działdowo, Grójec, Jelenia Góra, Kietrz, Konstantynów Łódzki, Krzemieniewo, Lublin, Łódź, Mielec, Mikołów, Nowy Targ, Nowogrodziec, Olkusz, Oława Pabianice, Przemyśl, Świdnica, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Trzcianka, Wrocław, Zapolice, Zduńska Wola. These were still remote classes, but next week I am starting individual, dedicated “live” training for the authorities of individual municipalities. City of Zgierz will be first, and then the next ones. I can’t wait 🙂