My training on the development strategy of a commune/city have become popular!

This time I had the honor and pleasure to train the authorities of the City of Miasto Ostrołęka – Councilors, Mayor, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors of City Hall Departments, CEOs of municipal companies as well as Directors and Heads of municipal units. The atmosphere was great: open and full of dialogue. I discussed the new Polish law regulating strategies (including their key role in spatial planning and obtaining EU funds) and presented how to properly develop and implement your own strategy in practice. I also gave a lot of practical advice on strategic governance of the city’s development. We also discussed strategic options for the development of City of Ostrołęka and the possibilities of strategic cooperation with neighboring communes: Lelis, Olszewo-Borki, Rzekuń. Motivational effect also achieved – everyone wants to build a new strategy for this beautiful city! I like working with the best! And in a few days … time for City of Miasto Chrzanów. Lots is happening 🙂