My “Municipal Strategic Q&A” will be published in Polish “Community – Journal of Self-government” Episode #1 Should the commune have a development strategy?

From the current issue of the “Community Magazine”, my articles in the “Municipal Strategic Q&A” series will appear every month. They will help local governments to build and implement good development strategies for their cities/communes. This is my contribution to the dissemination of professional, local & regional development governance – one with knowledge, vision and passion, with people and for people. The “Community Magazine” is the most important journal for authorities, professionals and other staffers of Polish local & regional governments. Every two weeks since 1990, it has been distributed to all communes, counties, voivodships and their organizations in several thousand electronic and traditional copies. I would like to thank the Editorial Office for entrusting me with this important mission. I also invite you my lectures (in English) on local development strategic governance.

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