I train the authorities – their knowledge and motivation shape our life. Prażmów Commune near Warsaw.

This time I trained the authorities and high management of the Prażmów Commune near Warsaw – the Mayor with Deputy, Treasurer, Secretary, heads of departments of the Commune Office, directors and other officials, about how to build and implement local development strategy. This is another Polish commune where I explained the new, nationwide regulations in this area. The most important thing, however, is that I managed to show a modern, strategic approach to governance of local socio-economic development. I also believe that I managed to encourage them, motivate them, pass on parts of my strategic governance passion. The knowledge and motivation of the authorities and officials shape our lives, business and environment – they shape the development of the country. Let’s try to they get as much of it as possible.

And the commune itself? Extremely interesting! The influx of new residents from Warsaw, the high risk of droughts, the beautiful Chojnów Landscape Park, plans to build the Warsaw Agglomeration Ring Road in its area, the intersection of the Warsaw-Kraków railway line and the Warsaw Goods Ring Road, and many others. Plenty of challenges, huge opportunities. There is a lot to manage 🙂