The Witcher from Ostrołęka. When building the city’s strategy, we focus on creative and innovative ideas.

You can like the Netflix adaptation of The Witcher or not. However, this great novel by A. Sapkowski is definitely worth reading. And in Polish City of Ostrołęka they went even further. The city self-government officially gave 7 trees🌳, natural monuments, the names of book characters: Cirilla, Geralt, Jaskier, Regis, Triss, Vesemir and Yennefer. I learned about it while conducting strategic workshops of this city. This promotional idea came from the Youth City Council of Ostrołęka 👏. It’s pretty good and it works (it’s even talked about abroad), but there are plenty of others as well. A good city/commune development strategy is based not only on solving problems, such as repairing roads or building a sewage system. There must also be creative, innovative ideas and development concepts – both large, groundbreaking, and small, completing the whole. Work on the strategy is ongoing. The city has potential💪. I recommend!