How to develop a commune/city’ development strategy that responds to global and local challenges?

A lot is happening in politics, law, economy, technology, society, environment, etc. How can you find your way in this with your commune/city? What its development strategy you should develop, adapt and implement? How to do it in accordance with the new regulations (in Poland) so that it does not end up on the shelf, but become useful in 100 ways for the authorities, residents, companies and nature?

Here is another new group of local government directors, CEOs, treasurers, managers, chiefs, councilors as well as journalists and entrepreneurs whom I taught all day how to find answers to these and other strategic questions. The MBA in Community Management at the Krakow University of Economics and the Hevelius Institute enjoys unflagging popularity.

I also learned something new, as always when I work with professionals. If you care about something, you learn it every day, especially now when the world is changing so quickly.