To the next level. At European Economic Congress, Poland 2024, I will present awards to the winners of TOP Municipal Investments.

During the European Economic Congress Katowice, Poland, I will have the honor of presenting awards to the winners of TOP Municipal Investments. This is a Poland’s nationwide competition for the most pro-development, bold, strategic investments of municipalities, counties and regions. We, as the Consultative Board, have already chosen our favorites, but your opinion also counts, so vote!

Self-government investments have been one of the main driving forces behind Poland’s development for 3 decades. For this to continue to be the case, investments in “classic” technical and social infrastructure must increasingly be accompanied by modern investments, based on innovations and stimulating innovativeness, creative, combining self-government with business, science and the NGOs. Moreover, these must be investments resulting from accurate development strategies, adapted to the potential of communes/cities/regions and the expectations of their inhabitants, i.e. from strongly subjective, strongly self-governing strategies. For this, Polish self-governments need a lot of financial independence, a lot of motivation and even more knowledge about development governance. Unfortunately, we still have deficits, and although subsidies have advantages, their continued primacy in financing strategic investments of self-governments does not eliminate these deficits, and sometimes even deepens them. So let’s reward those self-government officials who, despite difficulties, reach a next level of development governance, but let’s reform the system so that others can do the same. More in my interview for Portal Samorządowy published at