Lectures in the city of subjective freedom at University of Dubrovnik, Croatia.

“Manage the public affairs as if you had no private interests” and “Liberty can not be sold for all the gold of the world”. These two mottos, visible (to this day) on historical buildings of the authorities of the Republic of Ragusa (today’s Dubrovnik), together with excellent strategic governance, brought it centuries of prosperity and undisputed power. At its peak, its trade fleet was the third largest in the world in terms of shipping capacity. Modern Croatian Dubrovnik is also doing well. It focuses on tourism, but it also has digital, cultural and sports ambitions.

Referring to this heritage and the present, representing the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, I devoted my Erasmus’ lectures at the University of Dubrovnik to the relationship between the ability of local governments for financially independent strategic governance and the pace of socio-economic development and the quality of life of residents. This is an important topic here, so fascinating conversations with students and wonderful prof. Meri Šuman Tolić and prof. Katija Vojvodic continued long after them. Thank you for this and for the famous Croatian hospitality!

And Dubrovnik itself? Of course, I recommend it, including its mountainous surroundings where there are no tourists and the views are exceptionally beautiful!