This is the 21st group of self-government officials that I trained on strategy as part of the MBA in Community Management.

We ALL need educated public authorities and officials, at all levels, from state to municipal. And it’s not about some education, but about good quality education, appropriate to the duties, real, modern, practical, solid and regularly updated. Private and professional life, prosperity, environment, space and safety of EACH OF US depend on it.

We are far from a satisfactory situation in this respect in Poland. There is a lack of deep reforms, a common system of authorities’ training and the public awareness’ transformation. Nevertheless, there are changes and I am happy to be a part of them. This time, I taught strategic governance of the development of municipalities/cities to the 21st group of outstanding self-government officials, officers and managers studying at the well-known and respected “MBA in Community Management” run by The University of Economics in Krakow and The Hevelius Institute. It’s a pleasure to work with such people.

Let us wish them good luck, and let us hope that we will be able to create a legal&cultural system in Poland, thanks to which other officials will follow them en masse to these and other good universities. It would be good for us.