Wrocław 2050 Development Strategy and my Spatial Development’ Students

Work is underway on the Wroclaw Development Strategy for 2050. This is a SUPER-IMPORTANT plan that will determine not only the directions of Wroclaw’s development, but will also influence the development of the Wroclaw metropolitan area and even the region. Especially since the strategy will result in a General Plan, zoning plans and thousands of investments. We will all learn about this Strategy soon, but for my Spatial Development’ Students of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business, I have already managed to open the door of the strategic kitchen where it is created.

We would like to thank Mr. Łukasz Medeksza, Deputy Director of the Department of Strategy and City Development, Ms. Małgorzata Klarczykzyk, Head of the Analysis and Monitoring Team, Mr. Michał Wiącek, Strategy Coordinator and their collaborators, for a wonderful, very substantive, professional, detailed and extremely cordial seminar regarding this strategy, which they organized for us at the Wrocław City Hall. The entire group was delighted, especially with the MEGA-PRESENTATION and the answers to their questions. These were the last of this semester, but one of our best Field Exercises.