I reviewed a good PhD thesis on FDI – have a strategy for adopting good.

I reviewed a good PhD thesis on foreign direct investment (FDI) – and how does it feel? It is a mix of satisfaction, a sense of learning something valuable, gratitude, and another reassurance that we always have to think about what someone comes to us with and for what purpose. This work was written at the University of Johannesburg by Mr. Dzingai Francis Chapfuwa, Chief Economist for Economic Modelling and Research from the Department of Public Enterprises at the Department of Public Enterprises in South Africa, under the supervision of Prof. Peter Baur. It is entitled “The role of institutions and FDI on economic growth in The Southern African Development Community” and describes the influence of public institutions on foreign direct investment in the countries of the South African Development Community and the economic growth generated by such investment. Knowledge in this area is also important for the strategic governance of the development of Poland and its individual municipalities. Especially now, when investments in our economy are so important and foreign investors keep coming to us. The target intentions of respective external investors are different and you have to remember this when bringing them to your commune, region or country. Therefore, such research should also be carried out in our country, and at the level of municipalities, we have to focus on those investors who associate with them permanently and bring to local economy, together with capital and jobs, also knowledge, innovations, innovativeness, high culture of management and environmental responsibility, and at the same time, they establish strong, long-term, pro-development relationships with local companies, society and NGOs. I congratulate the Author on his successful work and successful completion of the entire doctoral procedure, and I wish the Supervisor many equally good PhD students!

(photo – from the left: Supervisor, Author and me)