Lecture at the University of Kentucky on Polish communes, local development & research conducted by my University, Lexington, USA

At the University of Kentucky, Lexington, USA, I gave a lecture to the employees of the UK Community & Leadership Development Department on Polish local self-governments and local development, as well as research conducted in this area by my Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. Thank you for the invitation, presence and long discussions, incl.: prof. Dan Kahl – Director of CEDIK – Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky, prof. Wes Harrison – Chair of the a.n. department, as well as prof. Ronald Hustedde – Chair of the international Community Development Society. I also learn a lot here, e.g. that at public universities in the USA, extension professors are employed, whose task, in addition to teaching students, is the constant implementation of practical projects for the economy, e.g. city development plans, diagnoses, training of authorities and officials, public participation initiatives etc. And they are held accountable for this by their university. It is a beautiful, systemic, strong connection between science and the practice, including practice of public governance. We need more such connections in Poland.