Defense of the self-government’ MA thesis – important for the commune development strategy, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

While visiting the University of Kentucky, I participated in the defense of an interesting self-government’ master’s thesis. Its author, Ms Lindsay Vance examined how the inhabitants’ place attachment influences attitudes to the tourism development. In other words, she checked whether if someone really likes area, then wants to “sell” it to tourists or rather not. Guess what turned out 🙂 I will talk about it during my trainings for local authorities on the commune development strategy – it is a very important topic!

And what was the defence itself like? Standardly. In addition to the four-person committee, a few spectators participated in it – professors and students (anyone can come, there are announcements). At the beginning, the author presented the goals, methods, course and results of her research for almost an hour. She explained what these results mean and to whom, what are their strengths and weaknesses. She also talked a lot about their practical use by local authorities. For the next half an hour, the author answered questions, first of the committee, and then of the audience, including mine. Questions from the subjects credited during the studies are not asked here during the defence. It is considered that if the subjects have been passed, the student knows what should to know and does not need to be checked again. Then there was a secret session of the committee – about 20 minutes, and then the announcement of the results, of course very positive. It was worth participating in!

Congratulations to Lindsay Vance on a great thesis and defence & congratulations to you Dan Kahl on your great supervisory work and great study program UK Community & Leadership Development!