Do the models, arrangements and recommendations properly integrate spatial management with the strategic governance of development of communes?

Good strategies of communes/cities mean better life, business and the environment, and the development of Poland. However, they must be really good, also in detail, otherwise, instead of development, they will bring serious problems.

I devoted my next R&D project to such details. I examined whether the current regulations ensure the critically important integration of municipal strategic governance with spatial planning. It turned out that although the majority of Polish communes apply these regulations properly, not all of them manage to do so, and this hinders their development. These results were published by the Self-Government scientific journal, which is sent to all Polish communes, as well as to the state administration, including the Ministry of Development and Technology. I believe that the article will be useful to local government officials and experts helping them to prepare good strategies, and the ministry to polish a few provisions in the great spatial planning reform that it is preparing for us.

I invite you to read and to my training on building a municipal development strategy. The next one, in just a few days, will be for the authorities and management of the Prażmów commune near Warsaw 🙂