Dreams and experiences of the Prażmów Commune – good workshops are the basis of the development strategy

When building a commune development strategy, it is necessary to talk to the inhabitants, including young people and seniors. However, it must be a thorough, honest and well-prepared conversation. About what? About their opinions, experiences and dreams. About what they like about the commune and what they don’t and how to change it. Topics? Infrastructure, schools, culture and entertainment, kindergartens, environment, climate, pollution, communication, safety, jobs, entrepreneurship, agriculture, sport, recreation, tourism, construction, innovation, digitization, money for all this and much more. So you have to spend a good few days on it. A couple of hours isn’t enough if you’re serious about it.

When building the strategy of the Prażmów Commune near Warsaw, we did it in the form of 7-day workshops. I have conducted many such meetings before, but I have never met young people who bring so many well-thought-out, valuable, mature ideas to the strategy. Congratulations! The modern approach of seniors with their experience was also impressive. I admire! An excellent contribution was made by social activists, local government officials, entrepreneurs, village leaders and farmers. I appreciate! We were also supported with valuable knowledge by representatives of State Water Holding Polish Waters and the Chojnów Forestry Inspectorate. Respect! I would like to thank these and all other people who devoted their time, knowledge and energy to work together for the future of this commune.

What is this commune like? Imagine a beautiful, rural area, with fields, forests, rivers and wild animals, whose population has increased by 65% in 20 years, mainly thanks to the influx of residents of Warsaw (standing just beyond the horizon), building their houses here. Many problems, but also many development opportunities. A fascinating challenge!