Strategies of communes will be more *eco*. The draft of new regulations has just been submitted to the parliament.

I’m reading and reading and checking and… it looks like the importance of development strategies prepared by Polish communes will increase even more. A draft amendment to the *Environment Protection Law* has just been submitted to the Polish Parliament, obliging the authorities of all 2477 communes to set not only social, economic and spatial strategic goals in their strategies, but also “climate and environmental” ones! Therefore, communes will also have to set directions of actions taken to achieve strategic climate and environmental goals, as well as the expected results of these actions and indicators of their achievement (to then monitor them). This will automatically affect the content of the target model of the commune’s functional and spatial structure, which is mandatory in the strategy, as well as the arrangements and recommendations for shaping and conducting spatial policy in the commune. And this will affect the general plan (spatial development) and, ultimately, local spatial development plans. Moreover, the amendment stipulates that the commune’s development strategy will also have to be updated when the commune’s climatic and environmental situation requires it.

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