Reference letters, awards and qualification certificates

1. Lectures at foreign universities on strategic governance in local and regional governments

2. Scientific and research (S&R) and research and development (R&D) projects related to local development governance.

3. Improving strategic Polish and European Union research programs related to public governance as well as co-creation of university development strategies

4. Reviews, publishing boards and dissemination of good public governance

5. Awards, honors, distinctions etc. for research devoted to local development governance and for local governments’ consulting as well as for public activity

6. Development strategies of communes / cities in Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries

7. Development strategies of districts and regions in Poland

8. Organization, monitoring and evaluation of strategies implementation

9. Training and consultations on strategic governance for authorities.

10. Other plans, programs and local development projects

11. Parts of the strategies and other local development plans

12. Diplomas, certificates etc.

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