Training, public speaking & consultations

I provide training on strategic governance for local & regional governments (i.e. mayors, heads of city hall’ departments, councillors, CEOs of public companies etc.). They are very popular and usually ordered by individual governments but sometimes by their associations, such as the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Counties. I also precede the preparation of each local development strategy with such training for the authorities.

My speeches and expert statements usually take place at self-governance conferences. Recently, I also present self-government issues at conferences on business and finance, e.g. at the National Congress of Accountancy Offices. It results from the increased awareness on dependence of economic development on the activities of self-governments.

Individual strategic consultations “case by case” are meetings with the authorities devoted to joint analysis and development of a solution to a strategic problem of their commune/city, district. The subject of these consultations were e.g. alarming debt level, conflict with the main employer, difficulties to meet the expectations of a large investor, difficulties in obtaining a special economic zone, social conflict caused by the liquidation of a given public school, etc.

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