Proprietary methods and patents

When working on local / regional development strategies, in accordance with Polish Act on Commune Self-government (AoCS) and the Act on the Principles of Development Policy (AoPDP), I use proven, modern methods of diagnosis, analysis, planning, organization and strategic evaluation. Among them are my proprietary methods, which I developed myself, and which are also used by other consultants today. These are, among others:

Analysis of supra-local relations of commune / city / municipality

This is my method of assessing the supra-local strategic situation of a commune – necessary for the strategic diagnosis (art. 10a, sec. 1 of AoPDP). Result of 23 years of my experience (described it in this book).

SWOT PLUS territorial strategic analysis

Applying the SWOT analysis to self-government strategies is a bad idea. That is why I use my own, territorial version of it: “SWOT Plus”. It is used to draw conclusions in accordance with art. 10e, sec. 3 AoCS.

Implementing system for the local development strategy

My strategies are implemented by local governments. I create good systems for their implementation in line with art. 10e, sec. 3, point 8 AoCS, including guidelines for the preparation of executive documents.

PEF system for implementation monitoring of strategies

My PEF evaluation method is based on performance, effect and opinion indicators and works well in ex-post and mid-term evaluations of the strategy in line with art. 10a, sec. 2. AoPDP and art. 28aa, sec. 2 AoCS.

Intelligent Strategic Workshops iCollaborative Planning

Building a strategy, in accordance with art. 6, sec. 3 AoPDP, requires public consultations. For years, I have been successfully using my proprietary, intelligent iCollaborative Planning workshops.

Innovative programs and methods of training

When conducting training for municipal authorities on strategic governance, I use my own strategic scenarios, strategic simulations, decision-making games, scenes of leadership roles, etc.

Process management methods

The result of scientific research cochaired by me is “The algorithmic method of generating reference models for implementation of processual management in public sector units” registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (No. 616722990).

Local and regional authorities who trusted me:

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