Lifetime, complete experience

I have been working with self-governments, for self-governments, in self-governments and in the surroundings of self-governments since 1994. I have been and am a local & regional governments consultant, scientist researching it, local & regional governments trainer and lecturer, member of local government authorities and supervisory bodies of municipal companies, author of local & regional government publications and their reviewer. My self-government experience is rich, consistent and complete.

Experience of a member of local government in 2011-2018

In the years 2011-2018, i.e. for two terms, I was a councilor and vice-chairman of the Karkonosze County council.

Experience of self-govern. com- panies' supervisor since 2012

Since 2012, I’ve been sitting on the supervisory boards of self-government companies’, incl. those investing of hundreds of mil PLN.

Local and regional authorities who trusted me:
Universities where I gave guest lectures:

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