Personal and institutional relations

The world today is based on relationships. Whoever has them can do well in professional and private life. They provide access to knowledge, information, services and other resources. For this reason, I build and care for my relationships, in particular with experts, public authorities, scientists, voters, students and various institutions.

Relations with other experts

I work with public governance experts: lawyers, marketers, space planners, NGO activists, smart city specialists, etc. I use their professional support and recommend them to public authorities.

Relations with authorities

I met many mayors, governors and other public officials. I gained their trust and kindness with a good job. Today I can turn to them for advice and opinions on local / regional government matters.

Relations with researchers

Working at the university since 1994, I have close contact with scientists researching self-governments & local development. I use their support and participate in their research for local & regional governments.

Relations with institutions

I work with Polish and foreign universities, consulting companies, NGOs, agencies, offices, etc. I participate in their projects and refer them to local & regional governments seeking support.

Relations with voters

In the past, I have won the elections 2 times. Through social media, to this day I am in contact with my voters from several dozen towns. I have good insight into public opinion on various public affairs.

Relations with students

I have contact with my students, i.e. young people with their own attitude to new technologies, social phenomena, culture etc. I listen to them – they are the future. This is necessary in development planning.

Local and regional authorities who trusted me:

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