Focus on task and individual approach

One of my strengths is a focused, individual, open and flexible approach to local governments, local government’ officials and their needs. This distinguishes me from consultants using always the same solutions and serving many clients without focusing on any of them. This approach consists of:

I'm focused on your task - I am not distracted

At the same time, I’m involved into up to 2 projects. I’m not distracted, I am focused. Quality instead of quantity.

I approach each partner / project individually

I don’t use clichéd solutions. I approach individually, taking into account goals, qualities and circumstances.

I am happy to help those seeking help

If providing support is beyond my capabilities, I will help to find an entity that will be able to do so.

I take into account the specificity of public governance

While working I take it into account realities of public governance: regulations, social pressure, elections etc.

I am flexible and respond to my partner's new needs

I know the changing conditions of self-government and scientific work. I am attentive and react flexibly.

I am available - also after finishing work

I’m responsive and in constant contact with project partners. I’m available to them also after its completion.

Local and regional authorities who trusted me:

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