Broad, constantly expanded knowledge

My advantage is the extensive knowledge confirmed by the degrees of habilitated doctor of management sciences and doctor of economic sciences as well as references and certificates. I am still gaining it in practice, at conferences and training, and drawing it from literature and legal acts.

Knowledge gained in practice

I acquire practical knowledge during my consulting and research activities. This one is the most current and most precious.

Knowledge acquired at conferences

I regularly participate in conferences, congresses and seminars devoted to self-governments and local / regional development strategic governance.

Knowledge proffered by partners

I work with other consultants and public governance experts. They share their knowledge and experiences with me, and this is extremely valuable.

Knowledge acquired during training

Not only do I train, but I also still participate in training as a student. I love to learn from the best specialists in their fields.

Knowledge taken from literature

I read publications on self-governance, management, politics, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology and others. I also learn from those I review.

Knowledge extracted from legal acts

I follow legislation, learn about legal acts and their drafts, as well as plans and programs of state and EU authorities. I can read between the lines.

Local and regional authorities who trusted me:

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